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    Pesto sauce word that denotes a native of Genoa, comes from Italian language , the "pestare" which means "crush" or "shatter". The traditional method for preparing pesto sauce, which remains the best method is one that involves using a mortar and pestle.
    Pesto alla Genovese, in a classical base contains basil Genovese, salt, garlic, olive oil extra virgin Ligurian "Taggiasco" pine nuts European and grated cheese, hard, usually Parmigiano Reggiano, but sometimes Grana Padano, Pecorino Sardo or Pecorino Romano.
    At the beginning, prepared pesto was (and sometimes still is) in a marble mortar with a pestle wood. First, basil leaves are washed and dried and then put in mortar with garlic and some coarse crystals of sea salt and crushed to achieve a creamy consistency

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