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We  all can differentiate between dreams, becauseI am sure that happened more than once to have dreams  where you remembereverything, or when  you know you aredreaming and still continue and even nightmares. All these dreams areclassified in different types with different names.

1.1  Luciddreams

Have you ever started dreaming and suddenly realized that you were in adream? Have you ever managed to gain control over your dream narrative? If youranswer to these is "yes," you've experienced what is called luciddreaming.

Typically, when we dream, we are not conscious that the dream is notreal.

However, some of us are able to enter a dream and be fully aware of thefact that we are actually dreaming.

"A lucid dream is defined as a dream during which dreamers, whiledreaming, are aware they are dreaming," specialists explain.

It is unclear how many people actually experience lucid dreaming,though certain studies have tried to gather information regarding itsprevalence; and it seems that this phenomenon may be quite common.For instance,a study conducted in Brazil surveyed 3,427 participants with the median age of25. The results of the survey indicated that 77 percent of the respondents hadexperienced lucid dreaming at least once.

Luciddreaming is certainly an attractive and fascinating prospect ; being able toexplore our own inner worlds with full awareness that we are in a dream stateis intriguing and has an almost magical flavor about it.

Lucid dreaming also has the potential to help people with phobias, suchas fear of flying or animal phobias including arachnophobia (the fear ofspiders)."If a person has a particular phobia, then their lucid dreamenvironment ; provides an interesting opportunity to do things like exposure therapy,where you gradually expose yourself to the thing you're afraid of, in anattempt to gradually overcome that fear," Dr. Aspy said. 
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