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In British English, the term restaurant almostalways means an eating establishment with table service, so the "sitdown" qualification is not usually necessary. In my life I have visitedpretty much restaurants, but what I found in London is absolutely unbelievable.I hgave visited 3 famous restaurants, or better said “ museum-restaurants”because they were more than just a place where you go to take a meal.

leMeurice resized.jpgAlain Ducasse it’s the name of the most expensiverestaurant in London, and it’s named after the famous chef. Alain Ducasse isone of the world’s most decorated chefs. Known not only for his incomparableFrench cuisine, Alain Ducasse has created innovative dining concepts reflectinginternational influences, and consequently has earned a reputation forphenomenal cuisine.  The restaurant it’ssituated in the centre of the capital, and has the most extraordinary designfrom all the times. For eating here, you need to make a reservation with oneweek before, because it is very demanded.
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